Michigan Lawn Care Services

Michigan Lawn Fertilization Programs

Lawn Fertilization

We offer a complete lawn fertilization program with a 7 step granular slow release fertilizer program to ensure a green, healthy, and weed free lawn, as well as turf insect treatments, and spring and fall lawn renovations services. All programs use custom and Exclusive Land•Art products. Lawn treatments will be offered every 4-6 weeks during the growing season and include the following:

Spring Feeding (March-April) Slow release granular fertilizer with pre-emergence crabgrass control for an early spring green upnew z-spray

Late Spring (April-May) Slow release granular fertilizer treatment as well as our liquid broad leaf weed control applied as needed

Early Summer (May-June) Slow release granular fertilizer, liquid broad leaf weed control applied as needed, check for insect activity and treat as necessary

Late Summer (July-August) Continued slow release granular fertilizer, spot treatment of weeds, and insect analysis

Early Fall (August -September) Slow release granular fertilizer applied to help green things up as weather begins to cool, liquid spot treatment of weeds, and insect analysis

Late Fall (September-October) Slow release granular fertilizer to help the lawn recover from summer months and prepare for winter dormancy

Winter (October-November) Slow release granular turf builders to help the lawn store nutrients during the winter and green up in the spring

Michigan Weed Control:


Manage Summer Annual And Perennial Weeds Now!  Post-emergence weed and sedge control with the best protection in the industry!  The best method of weed control starts with the proper land-art maintenance program that encourages a dense thriving turf.

Our exclusive selective liquid weed control will eliminate broadleaf weeds including dollar weed and purple/yellow sedge grasses.

Michigan Crabgrass Control:

Cultural Strategies for Controlling Crabgrass.  Land-Art nutrients are utilized for proper growth and root development.   A thick healthy crabgrass toledolawn is very effective in fighting weed germination and growth.

Strategy 1: Avoid establishing turf from seed at the time crabgrass normally is germinating. Avoid any disturbance of a pre-emergence barrier. Irrigate to avoid wilting of turf.

Strategy 2: Raise mowing height slightly at the time crabgrass seed is germinating, lower height of cut and collect clippings during the time that crabgrass is setting seed.

Strategy 3: Always follow good cultural practices; mowing, irrigating, and the Land-Art fertilization program all season long.

Strategy 4: Utilizing both pre-emergence and post emergent products.

Plant Health Care

Michigan Plant Health Care Program:
toledo lanscaping
Land•Art Plant Health Care Tree and ornamental care consists of quality products, personal attention, dependability, and licensed professional ornamental care professionals.

Spring Root Fertilization: Spring-early summer tree and ornamental feeding to promote root, stem, and bud formation while also promoting overall disease and drought resistance.

Spring Foliage Treatment: Foliage spray with insect control, plus a trace of fungicides and nutrients to insure overall plant health.

Summer Foliage Treatment: Integrated Pest Management; continuation of the insect control foliage spray as needed, plus a trace of nutrients and fungicide.

Early Fall Foliage Treatment: Insect control foliage spray plus a trace of fungicides and nutrients for continued plant health.

Fall Fertilization: Fall/Winter tree and ornamental feeding for plant vigor and stamina.

Michigan Disease Control: Fungicide ServicePowdery_mildew

Different weather and soil conditions can become favorable to turf disease activity. Land-Art can target disease activity using fungicides as well as helping you adjust cultural practices to prevent future outbreaks in your lawn. Land-Art always includes additional nutrients with fungicide services as well to help the lawn rebound as quickly as possible.

Lawn Renovation

Michigan Core Aeration:

toledo lawn fertizationCoring is often called aerification; this term implies that soil aeration is directly improved by the procedure. Core Aeration helps improve water filtration and increase air space. Aeration will provide better rooting, which allows the turf to be more resilient and better tolerate traffic, drought stress, and weed, disease, and insect pressure.  Over-seeding after aeration is a very effective way to introduce more desirable grasses, repair damaged areas, and to increase lawn density. Land-Art offers core aeration and over-seeding with exclusive high quality seeds for optimum results. Please call to schedule this service. Land-Art recommends this service about once every 2 seasons for optimum lawn health.

Michigan Over-Seeding:

Over-seeding damaged areas.  Fall and Spring are both great times to fill in bare or damaged areas of your lawn from seed. Many stressed areas from this season will need over-seeding to completely recover. Over-seeding is also a good practice to introduce more disease resistant strands of grasses into a lawn. Core Aeration can be a good way to provide a seed bed for new seeds to germinate. Purchasing quality turf grass seed for reestablishing lawns or establishing new lawns is critical to the future success of the lawn.

Annual ryegrass germinates rapidly and will grow throughout the summer but in almost all instances will die in the winter and leave the area bare the following year. Tall fescue is a very drought-tolerant, deep-rooted grass, it does however have a wider rougher textured blade. Kentucky bluegrass is the most widely used turf grass in our area. Land-Art is still currently offering core aeration and over seeding services, as well as core

Pest Services

Michigan Grub Control:

grubWe are currently scheduling for our MERIT grub control treatment applied during the summer months for guaranteed season long protection from grub damage. Grubs are common pests that can devastate a lawn. They feed on grass roots and garden crops.

Michigan Mosquito Control:

NOmosLand-Art Mosquito Eliminator and Perimeter Pest Control Program.

Reclaim your outdoor area from nuisance insects! Land-Art offers a 4 step service where we come out about every 4-5 weeks May through September to control mosquitoes and common pests around your home’s perimeter.

This service will provide an effective barrier to keep unwanted mosquitoes and common insects away. We do also recommend reducing areas of you lawn that hold water and allow mosquitoes to breed.

Land•Art Inc. Turf Care Guarantee

All service areas include these great services.

  • The use of Land•Art exclusive products.
  • Guaranteed results:

Service stops over and above the scheduled treatments! If needed, additional granular fertilizer, liquid weed control and granular insecticide(for control of surface feeding insects) will be re-applied at no charge.Land•Art lawns are the best in color and density. Your satisfaction has been and will continue to be our top priority. Land•Art appreciates working with you in the care of your property.

  • Free service calls to address questions or concerns throughout the season.
  • Customized programs to meet your specific wants or needs can be created.
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